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Let’s find all the big, fat porky ladies on cam!

Fat Free


Go Private With The Girls at Privatefeeds

Privatefeeds is a fun webcam site that features a nice number of girls on it. Of course, we’re not looking for nice, are we? We want those women who are larger than life in every kind of way! But out of the 800 or so girls on Privatefeeds, are any of them what we’d call BBWs? Let’s take a look.

dariaprivatefdsOne of the things that I love about Privatefeeds is that when you first load the site, one of the chatrooms is loaded right on the main page. You don’t even have to log in or do anything to view the girl’s cam! You can switch between webcams by clicking on the thumbnails below, so the whole process is very easy. You can also narrow down your choices by clicking on one of the category links (couple, Asian, redhead, etc.), but unfortunately, BBW isn’t a choice.

Joining Privatefeeds is a little different from other cam sites. You have to pay a one-time membership fee, and there are several different options. The membership is the same for all levels; what differs is how many showroom chat minutes you buy in addition to the membership.


247Live Isn’t Worth It

247Live is another of those small websites that seem so perfect for guys looking for thin women but so wrong of those of us who want a girl with some meat on her bones. In fact, 247Live seems to have no large ladies on it at all! Of course, it’s my duty to check all the booty and make certain we haven’t missed a BBW or two hiding among the sticks.

First, let’s talk about registration: it’s simple and free. Just enter your desired login name in the box and go. You don’t even have to give them an email if you don’t want to. If you want to buy private chat time, of course, you will have to give out your credit card information or use a service like CCBill or Epassporte to pay. It’s nice that 247Live gives members other options than paying by credit card, which is all some sites accept.

But back to the BBW hunt. A quick skim of all the girls on the site (33) revealed few who looked very large, and the four girls who were online certainly weren’t. Check out Lori, for example.


2Lips Or Not 2Lips, That Is The Question

2lips is a smaller webcam site that might not have all the bells and whistles (or large number of girls) that other sites like SecretFriends, but sometimes, that’s OK since it means that often, less guys will be on the site. That’s usually true with 2Lips, and sadly, here’s something else that’s usually true: There aren’t that many big women on the site, either.

The registration process at 2Lips is pretty easy – all you have to do is give them your name, address, and email. You can even skip over the phone field if you’d like. I did, and I was still able to register. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to stay in free chat for as long as you like and purchase private chat time if you want to. There’s no cost to register. There is a cost, however, to become a Gold Member. Gold Members can download over 2000 DVDs from the 2Lips directory. Fifteen new DVDs are added each week, so if you’re a porn movie buff, you might find the $29.95 cost is worth it.

Asian Babe Cam

AsianBabeCam – A Far East Fat Free Buffet

Love Asians? Love big and beautiful women? Think the two are an impossible combination? Well…overall, I’d say you are probably correct – there are very few big Asian girls. Oh, they do exist, but finding them can be quite the challenge. While on my hunt for the porky girls from the far East, I came across Asian Babe Cam and stopped to see if I could find any girls who ate more than a few egg rolls and rice for lunch.

The first thing I learned at Asian Babe Cam is that you can’t create an account without buying at least $30 worth of private chat time. Well, that’s kind of annoying. This means that it’s impossible to always get your chat name, especially if you use something pretty common. On the other hand, it means that you don’t have to worry about giving out your credit card information if you don’t want to buy private time.

Asian Cam Models

Only Thin Girls Live At AsianCamModels

The search for large Asian babes continues at AsianCamModels. Are there any hot BBWs from the far East, or is such a thing simply a myth? Asian Cam Models has a large number of girls on it, so chances are, we might just stumble across a large lady or two. Sadly, under the categories list, BBWs aren’t listed, although pregnant girls are (if that’s your thing – personally, I’m not a fan). You won’t find huge BBW categories like you do at ifriends in an asian site like this.

Joining Asian Cam Models is very quick and easy – just enter your email address, your login name, and your password. You don’t even have to wait for a confirmation email – you can start chatting right away. Don’t worry about paying for anything, either. You don’t have to buy any private chat time or make any other payment to join Asian Cam Models. That makes it easier than imlive.

Live Sexy Dolls

Livesexydolls, A Site Full of Stick Girls!

Every now and then, I’m asked to write about a webcam site that I haven’t heard of, and that always excites me since it means new ladies to look at. I wasn’t familiar with Livesexydolls, so I was really excited when I got to it on the list. What wonderfully new and large women were waiting for me on the site? Read on to find out!

As always, before we can see the babes, we have to figure out how Livesexydolls works. After my eyes adjusted to the wall of solid pink that is Livesexydolls (the color scheme is light pink on dark pink on bright pink on shocking pink….it’s just a hell of a lot of pink), I found the register tab. Registration is very easy – enter your username, password, and email. That’s it. You don’t even have to go to your email and click a confirmation link or anything like that!


Finding Secret BBWs at SecretFriends

Ask anyone about SecretFriends and they will probably tell you that it’s one of their favorite webcam sites. Why, you ask? Because the girls at SecretFriends are absolutely amazing. They not only really take an interest in the guys who chat with them, but they also occasionally give those guys a bit of a free naked show in free chat! It doesn’t happen all the time, of course, but when it does, it’s great.

Before I get to the big babes, let me give you a brief run-down of SecretFriends. You get 200 tokens for $1.00 just for signing up, and you do have to buy those tokens to get a user name – there’s no free accounts, and if you don’t sign up, you can’t chat with the girls, although you can watch their cam feed for a bit. Once you’ve done that, you can purchase more tokens in certain increments, with the smallest amount being 130 tokens for $19.95. On average, you’ll find the girls charge between $1.00 and $2.00 for private chat, which isn’t bad.

Sweet Apples

Sweet Apples - An Archive Site


Sweet Apples isn’t like your usual webcam site. It doesn’t offer that many live webcams and seems to have no nude cams at all (the best it lists are live bra and panty cams, which aren’t bad, but aren’t private chat, either). On the upside, everything is included in your monthly membership fee, so you won’t be paying for chats.

Like I said, most of what your Sweet Apples membership is going to get you is access to their archives, where you will find recorded shows of all types, including shows featuring hot BBWs! You’ll also get access to photos and other content, but again, very little of it is actually live.

If you like watching videos and photos of large ladies without being able to interact with them, then Sweet Apples isn’t a bad site for you. In fact, it’s really more than worth the membership fee. However, if you want to chat with your women and interact with them, you should probably look for a different cam site. Sweet Apples isn’t quite what you want.


Any Big Bangs Over At Cambang?

Let’s go take a look, shall we? Cambang is a small webcam site that you might not have heard of before. They’re kind of low key, and they do things a little differently. For one, there’s a monthly fee ($30 per month, less if you make a multi-month commitment) instead of paying for private chats. That’s good if you like the site, but here again, Cambang is very unique.

There’s no free video chat, so you won’t be getting any porky women for free. But instead, once you join and get the ability to customize your page, you can watch as many of these big, beautiful beasts on camera as you want! You can actually put as many webcam windows on your main page as you like, which creates this feel of watching security cameras or something. I’m sure security officers never get to watch plus sized babes pleasuring themselves, though!


Chat with girls across America at CamchatUSA

There are a lot of girls waiting for you at CamchatUSA, but of course, the real question is what kind of girls are they? Are they the typical cute twenty-something with blonde hair, big boobs, and rail thin bodies, or are they the big, busty babes that we’re really interested in? By the time I’m done reviewing the site, you’ll know if CamchatUSA is worth your time or not.

First off, CamchatUSA is one of those sites where you pay a monthly membership instead of an expensive private chat per-minute fee. That’s good and bad – good if you like the site and spend a lot of time on it, bad if you pay for a month and then decide you hate the girls here. There is another alternative, though – you can buy a 1 day trial membership for $3.99. That’s a bit expensive for one day, but it’s cheaper than the $34.95 monthly fee.

You can also buy a VIP pass that gives you access to a number of other porn sites, including some other porn sites, although some of them (like Teen Amateurs) aren’t going to be what you want. I’m not sure what the different is, though, because it looks like you get access to the same extra sites with a standard membership.


Be Aware of CameraWare

Most of the reviews here are of webcam sites featuring many hot (and, hopefully, large) babes doing their thing on camera. CameraWare, though, is a little bit different. It’s more along the lines of Camgirlshide in that you can’t chat directly with the women on the CameraWare site. Instead, you download the CameraWare program to your computer, then visit other sites to find the women.

When you first visit the CameraWare site, you’ll need to download their free video chat program. This program really is free, too – you can broadcast yourself and view other webcams running CameraWare for free. Of course, there’s a catch: the free version times out every five minutes. To get around this, you have to buy a license. A one month license is $14.95, which isn’t that bad. You can get discounts, too, if you buy multiple months’ worth at once (a three year license, the most expensive license, is $139.95). Think of how much you spend on private chat time at Spread4U or the monthly fee on sites like Cambang. $14.95 is much cheaper than both of those!


I Don’t Desire Desire2Cam

Do you desire to cam? If so, check out Desire2Cam, a nice webcam site that features a nice number of big, beautiful women for us all to ogle! That’s what I desire, but I’m not sure Desire2Cam can give me that. See, there are a few issues with the site and with the girls on it.

The first is that few of the girls are ever online. I only saw 21 girls in the BBW category on Desire2Cam, which is fewer than you’ll find over on Spread4U. However, that number changes a bit when you really start looking at the girls in the category. First of all, Papychulo caught my eye because, well, HE isn’t exactly a BBW! Why is there a guy in this category?! The chick who immediately stood out was LaejuliaXX, who is way, way, way too thin to be anywhere near my flabby chicks.

So right away, Desire2Cam had a few strikes against it. Once you cut out all the girls (and guy) who aren’t porky, the number of potential babes drops dramatically. I’d say there were maybe six girls online who qualified as being a little above average, and only one who is really a BBW.


Extasycams is one of those cam sites that require you to buy time to do anything – there’s no free chat at all! Thankfully, private chat time is pretty cheap. You can buy 15 minutes for $10 (that’s 66 cents for a minute) or, if you feel like spending more, there are more expensive packages. The highest is $99 for 200 minutes, which comes out to less than 50 cents a minute! Awesome, even if you do have to pay for every chat.


The problem with Extasycams is that there’s no way to search for big babes, and Zehava here was the best I could find by randomly searching pages of offline girls (none of the online chicks were BBWs). From what I could tell, the site is full of mostly thin girls who aren’t exactly what we’re looking for. Since we have to pay for everything, I’d say avoid Extasycams – it’s mostly fat free.


When I last signed on Livecamnetwork, I saw three girls online. Two of them described themselves as petite, and the other was merely “average.” Sadly, that appears to the be norm at Livecamnetwork. Here’s a picture of Sexybaby4u, who was one of the larger girls on the site:


Yeah, as you can see, she’s not plump at all! Average, maybe, but certainly not the kind of girls we’re looking for. Livecamnetwork is a pretty small site (like I said, there were three girls online when I dropped by) and they only have about 150 chicks total on the site. Private chat costs $4.99 a minute, too, and for girls who only eat salad, that’s just too much. If they have a big price tag, I expect big packages, you know what I mean? While the site has high quality cams, without the porky babes, it’s not really worth the cost.


Livesexydolls isn’t a site you’ll be visiting very often. That’s because there are rarely any girls online here! Oh, sure, the site lists about 50 or so chicks who are supposed to be online at some point, but most of the time, there are none. Every now and then, a chick will be online, but don’t even expect her to be porky. Here’s Andrea, a mature woman who is about the biggest woman on Livesexydolls:


Not very large, is she? That’s the problem with Livesexydolls. Nothing is large on the site. Not the number of girls available, the number online, nothing. Not even the price (private chat only costs a few credits, with each credit a dollar). While it’s free to make a username on Livesexydolls, there’s really no reason to since there are so few girls who appear online and out of those, none of them are BBWs.


Passioncams is a large webcam site that, sadly for us, isn’t full of large ladies. While there are over a thousand girls on the site, making it as big as SecretFriends and Camcontacts, I only found five BBWs by doing a search (I guess you could go through the list of girls one by one and maybe find more, but that way takes forever). Here’s one of the babes, a girl named BBW40DD.


As you can see, she’s pretty good sized, yet I’ve seen many bigger babes on other sites. The other porky chicks are much the same – nice, but I’ve seen better. Their price is right, though; most of them are less than $3.50 a minute, and some are even cheaper than that. Passioncams isn’t a horrible site, just a fat free one, so check out the few BBWs if you’re bored, but otherwise, I’d say avoid this site.


If you’re a fan of large ladies who love to pleasure themselves on camera just for you, then you’re absolutely going to hate Princessblueyez. The site is the homepage for Cassandra, a young eighteen year old (or so she claims) who is about as thin as they come! If you join her site, you get to sit in on her live cam shows (with tons of other guys, so it’s not exactly private) and browse her photos and videos. Members also get access to her friends’ webcam shows, but again, all of these girls are thin and boney. Want to know just how thin Cassandra is? The site lists her weight as 128 pounds! That’s barely anything more than skin and bones! Guys, if you love big women, don’t even bother with Princessblueyez. There’s absolutely nothing here worth your while.



Well, the girls at Seventeenlive are all young, cute, and twig-like. That’s right, they’re all really thin. Sure, you can see them all naked for one price a month ($35 or so – the price is in Euros, but that’s the going rate). Yeah, that’s about the same as you’d pay for CamBang, CamChatUSA, or CamChatter (other monthly-fee sites), but there’s really no point to it. None of these young ladies (they aren’t seventeen, of course, but I bet none of them are over twenty-five) is anything even remotely resembling plump. Not even the fact that the girls sometimes play together can get me excited about Seventeenlive. It’s pretty much like SecretFriends – tons of cute girls, but they’re all so thin that I’m afraid they’re going to split in half when they get off. I’m sure the site is very popular, but it’s not a place to go for porky chicks.



If you’re a fan of big, beautiful women, then you don’t want to check out Sweetcamgirl. I know starting out a porn site review like that isn’t normal, but it’s the truth here. Lori Anderson, the star (and only girl on) Sweetcamgirl is not a BBW. I know you all like girls with a little meat on their bones, and so you won’t want to pay to see her (her site fee is $29.95 per month and her private webcam chat price is $35 for 10 minutes).


Here’s a nice picture of Lori, and as you can see, she’s nice and slim…exactly the kind of girl those of us on this site don’t like! If you want a hot, porky chick, I suggest peekshows, iFriends, Camcontacts, or CamChatter. All four sites have a good number of BBWs on them just waiting to put on a steamy webcam show just for you!


Tatianawebcam is another solo girl’s personal website, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not going to be worth our time. No, the fact that Miss Tatiana is incredibly thin and has no porky friends means that we really don’t have much use for her page! As you can see from the images below, Tatiana is a cute Latina babe, but she just doesn’t have enough meat on her bones to really satisfy us.


VIPcams is a hot cam site that you have to join on a monthly basis. Yes, it’s one of those sites like Camchatter, CamBang, or CamChatUSA – the site costs $29.99 a month, but you get unlimited private chats. One nice thing about these monthly sites is that there’s no need to worry about over-spending! However, before you get excited, I should mention that VIPcams only has about 26 different girls, and none of them are very large. Take Mirelle, for example: she’s about as big as the girls on VIPcams get, and as you can see, she’s not even really average!


If VIPcams had some great, porky babes, it really would be a good site. Their special shows are a really fun idea, but the girls just don’t quite do it for me. Maybe someday, there will be a BBW-only site…until then, well, there are other sites better than VIPcams.


The Voyeurcamcondo website is a bit different from other cam websites. It’s exactly like it sounds, a site devoted to voyeur cams. It’s kind of like the cam on Technosexual, except this site actually features sex and is of better quality. Basically, you get access to all eight cameras spread through Barbi Leigh’s house, including several in the bathroom, one on her Jacuzzi, and one with night vision over her bed! While watching Barbi go through her daily routine can be a little boring, she often has guests over, and it’s not unusual to see Barbi masturbating or walking around naked, either. The site is only $9.95 a month, and you get access to another cam site, too. However, Barbi is certainly not a BBW! If you like thin girls, then the Voyeurcamcondo is a great site for you, but if you want chicks with a little meat on their bones, look elsewhere.



I wish I could say that Watchcams was full of incredibly hot, incredibly porky girls who loved getting naked and showing off everything inch of their bodies, but I’m afraid I can’t. Instead, I have to tell you that the site features less than a dozen girls, and Laney here is the biggest of the batch:


Other than that, there’s not much to say about Watchcams. Some of the girls have schedules posted, but they don’t follow them anymore. The “send a message to a performer” function is free (unlike on some sites), but again, I don’t know that you’d ever get a reply. It is free to create an account, and the website looks really nice. There’s also a call for models, so perhaps Watchcams will grow at some point. Or perhaps it’s simply yet another dead webcam site that’s not worth wasting your time on….


Wildorchidz is a good sized cam girl site with over 1,000 girls, couples, and even a few guys on it. However, while the site has a good number of babes (there are generally more than 50 or so chicks online at any given time), I’ve yet to see one who would really qualify as a BBW. That’s unfortunate since Wildorchidz really has a lot going for it: it has just as many hot girls as sites like SecretFriends and Epiccams have, and it’s pricing is around $2.00 a minute for private chat, so it’s priced about the same as Exshot and Passioncams.


Sadly, though, SexyAngel here is one of the bigger girls on the site, and as you can see, she’s no porker! While Wildorchidz may have a lot going for it, it just doesn’t have any good sized girls, so it’s not really a site for us.

Amsterdamlive XXX

Visit AmsterdamliveXXX For Nice Cams But No Fat

Amsterdamlive xxxWant to visit the hot women in Amsterdam but don’t want to fly? Well, you can check out the webcam chats at AmsterdamliveXXX, a fairly technologically impressive site that includes a good number of girls.

Another nice feature of the site is that many of these girls speak other languages, which makes Amsterdamlive a great site for foreign cam fans as well as those who speak English.

So, how do you get access to the girls at Amsterdamlive? Well, the create an account process is pretty simple. All you do is create a user name, enter a password and email address, and you’re done! You don’t have to buy time, give out your address or credit card information, or even go to your email and click a confirmation link.
It’s just that simple, and it gave Amsterdamlive XXX a few bonus points in my book, although I had yet to determine whether the site was BBW-friendly or not. That would truly determine my opinion on the site.

DXLive review

To be honest you won’t find any real big girls here are dxlive, it’s an Asian site really run by Asian people out of Japan and Korea and that means none of the cam girls are going to be that large. Yes you may find a few big tit girls now that those Asians are getting better nutrition and everything, but not a lot of folds of flab to be seen.

So if you want a break and wish to just look at real Japanese housewife MILF type girls then dxlive is good, otherwise it’ll have to be missed.

No hope at all

Totally fat free sites, but well at least they got girls.


Which one works best for you then?



Ok maybe not entirely fat free, but over at webcamclub you don’t see many plumpers even and they are scattered around the whole site.

Personally I’d say allbbwcams is a much better choice, but if you have run out of fat ladies there (how??) then WebcamClub is still a nice site to browse around and you may find some meaty girls here and there.

Make sure you create an account so you can mark favorites though, it is entirely free (not even age verification by credit card), all you need to do is give an email account for the password to be sent to and there you have a working free webcamclub account.

Recommended if you like all types of girls, but not suitable if BBW is your only interest.