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Make Hot New Friends at iFriends

iFriends is a huge webcam site that has everything from how to chats to online psychic readings to threesomes and big, porky ladies just waiting to show off their huge bodies for you!

What’s even better is that finding these large babes is very simple. Just select the “women home alone” category and then, under build, select the BBW category. That’s all you have to do to find the big girls!

42DDD_Latina42DDD_Latina looked like a good sized lady, and I hadn’t visited a Latina BBW in quite some time. She was very hot, showing off her cleavage by wearing a skimpy little top.

All of the guys were drooling over her, and several of them were asking what she would do in private chat. 42DDD_Latina said she’d do just about anything, especially if it involved toys, and one of the guys bought private time right after that.

To really get the most out of iFriends, you’re going to have to register. While signing up for the non-adult chat requires almost nothing, if you want to get access to all the hot BBW chats, you’re going to have to give out a good amount of information, including your name and credit card info. If you don’t, all you’ll be able to do is text chat – a “protective wrapper” filter will appear over the video in all of the chat rooms unless you sign in. You don’t have to pay for anything, though, so don’t worry about being charged.
-Doll-Like- is another big girl who’s all about her breasts. I know sometimes it seems like that’s all the BBWs want to show off, and while it’s OK, I also like to see the entire package. I asked –Doll-Like- to show off her ass for the camera, but she said she didn’t like showing off her big butt. Another guy tried to encourage her to give us a little show, but she wouldn’t. That turned me off of her, and I decided to find a different porky babe, one who would show off everything.

I was hoping Badgirl-sex would be that girl. She had many of the iFriends extras listed on her mini-profile: phone chat, audio, a high speed connection, toys, and a camera with zoom. That’s one of the greatest features of iFriends. The site has some really nice extras. Some girls even have multiple cameras, cameras you can control, and 3D cameras that, if you have 3D goggles, cam make the experience much more amazing!

Anyway, Badgirl-sex was certainly talking bad, telling the guys what she liked to do with men when she had them alone in her house. However, she really wasn’t that big, which was a disappointment. Attitude-wise, she was exactly the kind of girl I like – funny, witty, and not afraid to say what was on her mind (like when she told a guy he was being rude). But she was merely average when it comes to body type, so while I really liked talking with her, I wasn’t going to buy any private chat time, even though she did have plenty of extras.

ShakingBigButt was another girl who claimed to be a BBW but was really just a little on the chunky side. I guess if that’s what you like, then she’s the perfect kind of girl for you, but I like my babes with a little more meat on their bones. However, ShakingBigButt was all about shaking her ass and showing off her boobs when asked, which made me and every other guy very happy.

I thought maybe I’d left all the really large women behind until I came across SexyBBW44DD. Yeah, she was also all about her tits, and they were really big, but she was willing to give us a bit of a look at the rest of her chubby self, too. She was bigger than ShakingBigButt and Badgirl-sex, which was good. In fact, she was a very good size, and she didn’t seem to mind that guys loved the fact that she was big. Some of the larger girls almost seem ashamed of their weight, and it’s always nice to find one who embraces her size and is happy with herself.

The list of big, beautiful women seemed to go on and on at iFriends. In fact, there were over 50 different girls online in the BBW category at one point! That’s incredible and is easily the largest amount of big girls online on a site that I’ve ever seen. iFriends certainly is friendly towards the large ladies, and, if you don’t mind giving out your credit card info, it’s a great site to join. It’s certainly one of the best BBW-friendly sites around.

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