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Let’s find all the big, fat porky ladies on cam!

BBW Heaven


Ok maybe not a high percentage of the MyFreeCams girls are big ladies, but there are so many of them that you can find lots and lots of MyFreeCam angels if you dig just a bit into the site. Is it a good side in other ways? Yes it is, you’ll find that MyFreeCam of course is not entirely free but there are lots of girls doing shows basically for tips in the free chat areas. And so you can hang around at MyFreeCams all day and see as much as you want.

There is good friendly chatting and the admins at MyFreeCams are not too strict so there is more and more flashing going on all the time. I am making my own list of the best BBW girls out there and I’ll share it with you here. Alphabetical order not to unfairly give any rankings there, each one is a big heavy gem in her own right.

My free cams BBW models:

Plumpers Ahead

Ok not a major BBW site but there are a few heavy girls here and there if you search through Personally I like Anal Sex VIP and BBW Ebony Goddess but I know you gotta like ass fucking and black girls to go for those two. They often don’t have anyone online in the BBW category as such over at, you have to look under Big Ass to see some of the other major girls.


Carrie Land is a perfect BBW web site — this is a real non professional. So the good part is that the same lady, Carrie, has been around for years and there is plenty of archive of images. Of course the older ones are taken with older cameras and are not so good quality, but you can still see what she looks like!

There are videos as well but the same problem applies because Carrie apparently didn’t have such a good video camera in the past, but now she must have upgraded because the recent videos are just fine.

You can read her blog to see what she is up to recently, though this is perhaps not updated as much as you might like.

She is a cute faced blond BBW, a really amazing smile, and a gorgeously chubby body. There is plenty of flabby skin rolling about and you can really imagine what it would be like to have her roll all over you…

Not a site to be missed for the true BBW fans out there. Check her out and let me know in the comments what you think of her, and how you find her site.

Fat Free



Ok maybe not entirely fat free, but over at webcamclub you don’t see many plumpers even and they are scattered around the whole site.

Personally I’d say allbbwcams is a much better choice, but if you have run out of fat ladies there (how??) then WebcamClub is still a nice site to browse around and you may find some meaty girls here and there.

Make sure you create an account so you can mark favorites though, it is entirely free (not even age verification by credit card), all you need to do is give an email account for the password to be sent to and there you have a working free webcamclub account.

Recommended if you like all types of girls, but not suitable if BBW is your only interest.